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by Tapestries of Sound

from the CD Unsung Yarns
© 2011

Tapestries of Sound  
Vocals & rhythm guitar: Mahesh Radhakrishnan
Backing vocals and udu: Joe Gould
Banjo: David Carr
Violin: Jess Randall, Alison McAlpine
Strobe violin: Jess Randall
Double bass: Robin Dixon

Heading out to the outback to the old into the past, west,
Riding out from the sun to another zone yet in the same state
Unearthing histories and mysteries of families
Whose stories are unheard to many-
Did you know them bastards did a lot for this country?

Camelelelei lelelei...

Uncovering little blasts from the past in the old mining township
By the desert where the dromedaries roam in the loam- once were tied there
In the camp to the north and the west both would bow in the same direction
Very little remains that proclaims how these cameleers did a lot for this country

Camelelelei lelelei...

From the Sindh and Punjab, Peshawar, Kandahar and The Frontier
They came from Kargil and Kabul, Cairo, Karachi and Kashmir
Burke and Wills they might have found their way back if they took along Esan Khan and Dost Mahomet before they got lost in the desert country

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