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to O'Hara Burke, Esq.
Leader of the Victorian Exploration Expedition.

by 'Old Bush,'

River Darling, December 1860.

South Australian Advertiser.
28 December 1860.

Oh, Mr Burke, 'Tis risky work
To see the northern coast
Then have a care
Or else prepare
To be a desert ghost.

'Mid sand and stones
You'll leave your bones
'Tis said, if all be true,
For says report,
You're not the sort
To take the party through.

I'd grieve to know
Or think 'twas so,
And wish you, Sir, good luck,
And all success
And may God bless
Sir Wlliam Stawell's pluck.

Though Mr Burke,
'Tis splendid work
To be so great a gun,
You' better sink
The Don, and, think
What little Stuart's done.

A parting brave
All Melbourne gave
Your grand set out and you,
But mind you this
That they can hiss
ho shouted then adieu !

And now to end.
Be firm, my friend.
As fits him who commands,
But always be,
'Twixt you and me,
Considerate to your hands.

For Mr Burke,
'Tis fearful work.
And you may have to push
For dear life's sake.
So pray Sir, take
Advice from yours.

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