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Victorian Contingent Party, 1861

Wright and Brahe returned to Menindee on 20 June 1861 with thirteen camels; six males and seven females.

Two months later Alfred Howitt arrived in Menindee on way north to search for Burke. Howitt took seven camels, (two males and five females) to Cooper Creek. Although Howitt chose the seven healthiest camels, they were in a poor state on departure and Howitt placed Brahe in charge of the camels. All the camels survived the trip to Cooper Creek and returned to Menindee.

Camels taken by the Victorian Contingent Party:
  1. Simla
2. Jambel
4. Shadow
5. Jubbe
6. Budgee
7. Mochrani (the last surviving large male riding camel).

The six camels left behind in Menindee were in poor condition or were in calf. They were left in the care of James Knowles and were attended to by two sepoys, Dost Mahomet and Belooch. Mutwala, the largest and most aggressive male camel died on 5 November 1861 while in Menindee.

Camels left at Menindee in Knowles' care:
1. Mustana
2. Rhidas
3. Gobin
4. Gobin had a female calf on 14 October 1861.
5. Mutwala died on 5 November 1861.
6. Nero
7. Carlo
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