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Minutes of Evidence: George Landells

Report of the commissioners appointed to enquire into and report upon the circumstances connected with the sufferings and death of Robert O'Hara Burke and William John Wills.
Melbourne: John Ferres, Government Printer.
Parliamentary papers, No 97, 1861-2. 1862.

Thursday 12th December 1861.

Mr George James Landells examined.

1642. You started with Mr Burke from Melbourne originally ?-Yes.

1643. How far did you go on the journey ?-I may mention that I should be very happy to give any information that lies in my power if the members originally composing the expedition were present here, and until I do so I cannot exonerate myself.

1644. You know it is impossible to have the members of the expedition here. It is not a question of exoneration or otherwise, but we wish to obtain any information we can, to supply any missing link ?-Details would come in, and I consider I have been extremely ill-used, and I require to have evidence to disprove the statements that have been brought against me by different members, but which can be cleared up, I feel confident, as my character has been traduced.

1645. This Commission is not appointed to enquire into that ?-I would be very happy to give any information in my power; at the same time, unless the members originally composing the expedition were present I could not do it.

1646. Then you will be good enough to retire ?-I am to understand that justice is not to be had. The doors of the Royal Society have been shut against me and I have not been able to get justice from them.

1647. How could they all be here; we could not send all round the country for those who are alive ?-Mr Wright is summoned here.

1648. He was asked to give evidence as you are. The object of the Commission is to ascertain from what cause the death of these two men arose; if you can throw any light upon that subject the Commission are ready to hear you; further than that we should not feel disposed to go ?-Then in that case I cannot say anything more.

The witness withdrew.

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