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Terrick Terrick, 31 August 1860.

A Successful Exploration of Australia from Melbourne to the Gulf of Carpentaria.
From the Journals and Letters of William John Wills, Edited by his father, William Wills.

London: Richard Bentley, New Burlington Street.
Published in ordinary to Her majesty, 1863.


Terrick Terrick,
31st August 1860.

Riding on camels is a much more pleasant process than I anticipated, and for my work I find it much better than riding on horseback. The saddles, as you are aware, are double, so I sit on the back portion behind the hump, and pack my instruments in front. I can thus ride on, keeping my journal and making calculations; and need only stop the camel when I want to take any bearings carefully; but the barometers must be read and registered without halting. The animals are very quiet and easily managed, much more so than horses.

William J Wills


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