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The latest DigitalGlobe 2007 satellite imagery for Australia has sections of the continent mapped at 2.44 metres per pixel. This is taken by the QuickBird II satallite and is the highest resolution civilian multi-spectral imagery currently available. Check out this image of Burke and Wills Bridge on Cooper Creek......

The imagery is captured by the QuickBird 2 satellite which orbits the earth at an altitude of 450km and collects imagery covering one million square kilometers each week.

Visit Burke and Wills locations with Google Earth

Click on the .kmz placemarks to go to the locations using Google Earth.
(Note: Only locations with DigitalGlobe 2.44 metre-per-pixel coverage are included. New locations will be added as the imagery on Google Earth is upgraded.)

  Royal Park
Departure point for the Expedition
  Camp 14 The Burke and Wills Clump
Heritage Listed Site
  The Dig Tree on Cooper Creek
Heritage Listed Site
  Camp 119 at the Gulf of Carpentaria  
  Burke's Grave on Cooper Creek  
Burke and Wills grave
at Melbourne General Cemetery
  Ballarat Memorial Fountain  
  Bendigo Burke & Wills Monument  
  Castlemaine Burke & Wills Monument  
  Fryerstown Burke & Wills Institute  
  Beechworth Burke Museum  
  Across Australia with Burke & Wills
by Paul Dorsey
Google Earth is a free program which can be downloaded HERE.
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