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Dost Mahomed (Mahomet, also called Botan or Batan which may have referred to his tribal group, Pathan / Pashtun). He was a Muslim from Ghuznee (Ghazni, Afghanistan), who traveled to Australia with George James Landells (1825 -1871), who imported the camels.


Mahomet was appointed to the VEE and traveled to Cooper Creek where he became one of the Depot party of four under Brahe.

In 1861 he was a member of Howitt's Victorian Contingent Party and stayed in Menindee to care for the sick camels.

He was also a part of Howitt's 1862 Victorian Exploring Party. At Menindee on the 3rd January 1862, he was seriously mauled by the male camel, Nero, and he was left at the base camp on the Darling under the care of Dr Wheeler. Mahomet suffered a dislocation of the elbow, compound fracture of the forearm and lacerations to the forearm and he subsequently lost the use of his left arm as a result of the attack.

"Dr Wheeler arrived in Melbourne on Sunday, from Pamamaroo Creek, in charge of Dost Mahomed, who, as will be recollected, was severely bitten by one of Mr Howitt's camels. Mahomed's arm is still stiffened from the injuries he received."
[Argus, Tuesday 15 April 1862: 4.]

Mahomet returned to Melbourne to recuperate after the attack and in July 1862 he requested the Exploration Committee secure his passage to Kurachee. However he returned to Menindee where he worked at William Ah Chee's bakery.

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  • Letter from Dost Mahomet re: extra wages. Dated 4 February 1862. 4p.
  • Medical certificate from Melbourne Hospital re: Dost Mahomet's injuries. Dated 20 May 1862. 1p.
  • Dost Mahomet's letter, 8 July 1862 to the Secretary of the Governor of Victoria concerning his rate of pay whilst employed by the Royal Society of Victoria's Exploration Committee. 2p.
  • Letter from Dost Mahomet re: wish to return home. Dated 14 July 1862. p.

He died in 1880 and his grave is just outside the town on the Broken Hill road. In 2006 Central Darling Shire Council restored the grave.

Where Mahomet went on the expedition

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