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June 1862

Journal of Landsborough's Expedition from Carpentaria, in search of Burke & Wills
Melbourne, Wilson & Mackinnon & F F Bailliere, Publisher, 85 Collins-street east.
(Ferguson 11329).

Sunday, 2 June 1862 - Bunnawanah, Darling River.
Last Friday and Saturday were spent in travelling to here from the Warrego River. The distance from Eringa to here is called seventy miles. About eight miles before we reached here we passed the station of Messrs Collis on Culgoa River. The country we saw between here and the Warrego River is level, covered with saltbush and grass. It resembles some country I have seen near Hay on the Murrumbidgee River. From the newspapers yesterday we learned that Mr Walker's party had arrived in April at Port Denison, and learned that Mr Howitt had received instructions to remain on Cooper's Creek for our arrival. Of course if I had known there was a Depot there I should have gone to it from the Thomson River; and now I think it will be advisable to proceed to Menindie and there take the most advisable mode of letting Howitt know of our safe return from the Gulf of Carpentaria.

Wednesday, 5 June 1862 - Bunnawanah, Darling River.
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and today we remained here to recruit the horses. Mr Rutherford, one of the proprietors of the neighbouring station, kindly supplied us with what stores we required at a lower rate than is charged anywhere; and at the station of Mr T Danger we got as much beef as we required for the road en route to Menindie.

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