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14 November 1857 - 34 members

At the first meeting of the Exploration Committee, held on Saturday, 14 November 1857, (10 of the 32 members present), the aims of the Committee: were resolved. Two additional members, were elected to the Committee:

• Mackenna (Dr J William Mackenna, MD., attended many more meetings and stayed an active member of the commttee until the 1870s).
• Pascoe (Lieutenant John Randall Pascoe, JP. did not attend another meeting after this one).


1. The Hon. Captain Andrew Clarke, R E. MLA., President
2. Dr David Elliott Wilkie MD., Chairman
3. James Bonwick Esq., Honorary Secretary
4. The Hon William Clark Haines, MLA.,  
5. The Hon Sir John O'Shanassy, MLA .,  
6. The Hon John Hodgson, MLC.,  
7. The Hon Sir Francis Murphy, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly,
8. The Hon Robert Culbertson Hope, MLC.,  
9. Professor William Parkinson Wilson, MA.,  
10. Professor Martin Howy Irving, MA.,  
11. Professor Frederick McCoy, FGS.,  
12. Professor William Edward Hearn, MA, LLD.,  
13. Dr Ferdinand von Mueller, MD, PhD, FRGS.,  
14. Dr Solomon Iffla, JP, MD.,  
15. Dr John Macadam, MD, FRSSA., Assistant Secretary to Bonwick.
16. Dr William Gillbee, MRCSE.,  
17. Dr Robert Corbet Knaggs, MRCSL.,  
18. Dr David P MacLean, MRCSL.,  
19. Dr W M Turnbull, MD.,  
20. Dr J William Mackenna, MD.,  
21. Reverend Father John Ignatius Bleasdale,  
22. Reverend Alexander Morrison,  
23. Professor Georg Neumayer,  
24. Lieutenant John Randall Pascoe, JP.,  
25. Alfred Richard Cecil Selwyn Esq.,  
26. Mr Edward Wilson,  
27. Mr Thomas E Rawlinson, CE.,  
28. Mr William Blandowski,  
29. Mr John George Knight,  
30. Mr Arthur Dobree,  
31. Mr Sizar Elliott,  
32. Mr Rivett Henry Bland,  
33. Mr Charles Farewell,  
34. Mr Frederick Acheson, CE.  

Biographies of members of the Exploration Committee

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