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Angepinna, 21 November 1862.

Original item held at the State Library of Victoria, SLV MS13071, Box 2085/5a, Item 31.
Dispatches sent by members of the Victorian Relief Expedition to the Exploration Committee.
Alfred Howitt's dispatch, [Angepinna], 21 November 1862.


This dispatch also included:

  • List of money drawn on orders. 1p.
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Angipena, S.A.
Nov 21/62

I have the honour to inform you that I expect to leave this place tomorrow should some horses which have strayed be found in time.

The despatch mentioned in the telegram received through the South Australian Government as having been sent by sailing vessel has not come to hand.

During the time the horses were spelling near Blanchewater I took the opportunity of investigating the possibility of a direct route to the Darling via Sturt's Depot (Providence Creek). Several gentlemen resident in the district accompanied me. The country is not practicable execpting immediately after heavy general rains. Finding the Grey Range suffering from a prolonged drought I returned without going on to Sturt's Depot.

I have effected sales of a number of horses and of some of the equipment at satisfactory prices. On reaching Clare I propose proceeding to Adelaide in advance of the party to make, arrangements for the sale of the horses and equipment.

The camels in Mr Aitkins charge will part company with me at Clare or Kapunda en route for the Wimmera. The road they will take will depend on information to be obtained hereafter.

On reaching Adelaide, I propose having a case covered with black cloth made to contain the remains on...


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their passage round to Melbourne.

The remains occupy a space of about two and a half feet square by one foot and a half deep. Should the committee have other views I should be glad to hear on the subject.

I have the honour to be, sir,
Your obedient servant,
A W Howitt,
Leader VE Party.

The Hon John Macadam, MD, Hon Secretary to the Exploration Committee, Melbourne.


Telegram received by the Exploration Committee in Melbourne on 10 December 1862.


Dated: Adelaide, December 9 [1862]

The following despatch has been received for delivery subject
to the regulations and conditions printed on the other side.

Telegram for : The Hon J Macadam Esq, MD.

Arrived in Adelaide last night.

The remains will be brought in on December 11 and are to be met by the Mayor and others on their way through Adelaide.

They will remain at the Mounted Police Barracks until removed for Melbourne.

We shall not be able to leave until after the 17th.

A W Howitt,
Leader, Victorian Exploring party.


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