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for the Committee


Cooper's Creek

26th June 1861.

I hope we shall be
done justice by
We fulfilled our
task but we were
aband not followed
up as I expected
and the Depot party
their post

ROH Burke

SLV MS13071, Image No: ms000060 SLV MS13071, Image No: ms000059


King has behaved
nobly and I
hope he will
be properly
cared for.

ROH Burke

and he goes
up the creek
in accordance
with my request

June 2[?]th 1861

SLV MS13071, Image No: ms000061 SLV MS13071, Image No: ms000062

Provenance: A note from Burke & Wills Web.
Burke's last notes are written on four pages detached from a notebook. Burke read these notes to John King shortly before Burke died. King looked after the notebook and gave it to Sir William Stawell, President of the Royal Society of Victoria, in Melbourne on 5 December 1861. Stawell read the pages to a meeting of the Exploration Committee on the same day and it is possible this was when Stawell detached the pages from the notebook.

The Royal Society of Victoria donated the pages to the State Library of Victoria in 1875, but the contents and whereabouts of the rest of the notebook in Stawell's possesion is unknown.

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