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South Australian Burke Relief Expedition - 1861-1862

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Letter from W O Hodgkinson to the Commissioner of Crown Lands (South Australia)

10th November 1861

To The Honble.
The Chief Commissioner of Crown Lands

I have the honor to announce my arrival at Parallana this day, in charge of the party enumerated per margin.

Messrs. Wylde, Bell,
Jack a native,
12 pack & 4 riding horses

I left the Depot Camp at Lake Buchanan on the 27th October, arriving at Blanch Water on the 4th Novr., and spelling there until my chart and diary were completed. I beg to transmit herewith, two leather parcels, containing the relics of the Bourke Expedition, a chart of the Route Dispatches from Mr. McKinlay, nine sketches, and the diaries of Mr. McKinlay and myself.

I have obtained the rations I require, from Mr. Jacobs of Parallana, and shall lose no time in rejoining my Leader. A List of payments made per order for the articles obtained on a/c of the S.A.B.R.E. will be forwarded by me, previous to quitting the settled districts.

I have the honor to be
Your most obedient Servt..
W. O. Hodgkinson,



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