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by Nicholas Chevalier

18 November 1860

A race ! a race ! so great a one
The world ne'er saw before;
A race ! a race ! across this land
From south to northern shore.

A race between two colonies !
Each has a stalwart band
Sent out beyond the settled bounds,
Into the unknown land.

The one is captain'd by a man
Already known to fame,
Who with Australian annals has
For ever linked his name.

The other ones a leader, who
Has all his bays to earn;
Let's hope that he, a well-won wreath
May claim on his return !

The horseman hails from Adelaide,
The camel riders ours :-
Now let the steed maintain his speed,
Against the camel's powers.

No small concealments each from each,
No shuffling knavish ways,
No petty jelousies and strifes,
No paltry peddling traits,

Will find a place in such a race,
But honor, virtue, worth,
And all that can enoble man
Will brilliantly shine forth

A cheer then for each member, and
A big one for the lot,
For it is known how all have shown
These virtues. -- Have they not ?

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