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by D Lamont

Australian Town and Country Journal
New South Wales.
Saturday, 10 March 1883, page 31.


Comrades, adieu! the sun is up, let's hasten on outr way,
And try the wished-for goal to reach before the close of day;
And when we gain the wished-for spot we'll turn upon the track
That will lead us to our friends who wait to greet our coming back.


'Tis done! We've reached the wished-for goal, upon the beach we stand,
From sea to sea, o'er hill and plain, we have crossed Austraalian land,
First, praise to Him who gave us strength, He who each blessing sends.
Then hasten back to those who wait, our comrades and our friends.


And now our faces homeward turn,' again along the track,
We haste to join the anxious friends whho wait our coming back.
We have reached the spot; the sun has set, our weary journey's done.
Ho! comrades, ho! our friends are gone! oh, God, we are undone!


Sadly they left that halting-place, slowly they journeyed on,
To seek for aid, but food and strength and hope, alas, were gone;
Then sadly laid them down to die, and in that drear abode,
Their fame tehy to their country gave - their souls unto their God!

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