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by William Rollo

Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser
Maitland, NSW.
Saturday, 23 November 1861.


Can I attempt, who needs no nobler song,
A humble tribute to thy memory's shrine
Of one whose name shall ever rank among
The first great heroes ot Australian time.


Though hard thy task, yet nobly was it done-
Thou staked thy all, yes, at thy country's shrine;
Though sorrowing thousands hail the conquest won.
Each round thy brow his mournful tribute twine.


Yet mourn we not, for he has shared the fate
Of most who would great mysteries reveal;
Oh! could he but his miseries relate,
Kind death has come, those horrors to conceal.


But though the man of strong heroic mind
Has passed from life to misery and death,
Yet round his mem'ry ages shall entwine
Tears of remembrance to their latest breath.


Yet shall we still appreciate the man
Who has began and finished this great work;
Not only ours, but generations can
Look back with pleasure ou the name of Burke!

William Rollo, Cassilis, November 18, 1861.

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