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The Depot Party, 1860-1

Burke took sixteen camels from Menindie to Cooper Creek. One was abandoned at Camp 61, three were lost north of Camp 63 and six were taken on to the Gulf.

This left Brahe at Depot Camp 65 on Cooper Creek with six camels and twelve horses. Brahe stayed at the Depot camp for over four months. On the return journey to Menindee, one camel, Bell Sing, went missing and Beer became ill and died.

1 Mustana
2 Beer died of scab, 1 June 1861.
3 Rowa
4 Simla
5 Bell Singh (large male) went missing at Koorliatto on the 16 May 1861 and wasn't found again.
6 Jambel

Of the sixteen camels taken north from Menindee by Burke, four died or were killed, six were lost or abandoned, two were either killed or abandoned and only four camels survived to return to Menindee.

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