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The Supply Party, 1861.

Burke left nine camels in Menindee when he departed for Cooper Creek.

When Beckler went to Torowoto to rescue Trooper Miles Lyons and Saddler Alexander McPherson, he took three camels. One of the camels, Mutwala, knocked up at Bilpa on the 22 December 1861 and was left there until Beckler returned on the 4 January 1861.

The camel that was abandoned at Phelp's Tarcoola Station in October 1860 was recovered and when Wright left Menindee on 26 January 1861 for Cooper Creek he took all ten camels with him:

While Wright was at Bulloo he met Brahe returning from Cooper Creek. The two parties joined together to return to Menindee. Wright recorded they had twenty-two horses and fifteen camels; Beckler recorded twenty-one horses and sixteen camels. The party had sixteen camels.

On the return journey to Menindee;

  Bell Sing went missing at Koorliatto on the 16 May 1861 and wasn't found again.
  Beer died of scab at Poria Creek on the 1 June 1861.
  Burra was suffering from scab and was shot by Hodgkinson on 4 June 1861, just north of Rat Point.

Wright and Brahe returned 13 camels to Menindee.

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