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Extracts from Mr Wrights Despatch (No 2)

Report of the commissioners appointed to enquire into and report upon the circumstances connected with the sufferings and death of Robert O'Hara Burke and William John Wills.
Melbourne: John Ferres, Government Printer.
Parliamentary papers, No 97, 1861-2. 1862.

Depot Camp, Pamamoroo Creek,
Darling River, New South Wales, 23rd January, 1860.

The despatches entrusted to trooper Lyons are now in my possession, and will be handed to Mr Burke at the first opportunity. Tomorrow, the 24th, the depot camp will be struck, and I shall start for Cooper's Creek with the following party:- Mr Becker, artist; Dr Beckler, surgeon and botanist; Mr Hodgkinson, storekeeper; Messrs. Stone, Smith, and Jones, alias Purcell, associates; Belooch, Hindostanee native. The animals will number ten camels and thirteen horses.

I take nothing to the front save provisions and indispensable necessaries; the remainder of the stores will be left in the charge of Mr Thomas Paine, Menindie.

The instructions of the Committee, relative to my despatches, will be implicitly complied with, and I have every confidence in being able to carry out their wishes as to the conveyance of the stores to Cooper's Creek..

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