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Balranald, 17 September 1860.

A Successful Exploration of Australia from Melbourne to the Gulf of Carpentaria.
From the Journals and Letters of William John Wills, Edited by his father, William Wills.

London: Richard Bentley, New Burlington Street.
Published in ordinary to Her majesty, 1863.



September 17th, 1860.

Dear Mother

As I have an opportunity of sending a few lines by this mail, I have determined to take advantage of the chance, because I know how glad you will be to receive them; but I have not time sufficient to give you any account of our journey. We are now at the last township at which we shall touch on our way towards the interior of the continent. It is an out-of-the-way place, situated on the lower part of the Murrumbidgee River. Our journey so far has been very satisfactory: we are most fortunate as regards the season, for there has been more rain this winter than has been known for the last four or five years. In fact, it seems probable that we shall finish our work in a much shorter period than was anticipated; very likely in ten or twelve months.

The country up here is beautiful; everything green and pleasant; and if you saw it now, you would not believe that in two months' time it could have such a parched and barren appearance as it will then assume. I hope to be able, either from the Darling or from Cooper's Creek, to send you some details of our proceedings.

Please to remember me to all,
and, believe me,
ever your affectionate son,
William J Wills


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