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to the Exploration Committee of the Royal Society of Victoria.

Original item held at the State Library of Victoria, MS13071, Box 2076/2.

Royal Society of Victoria, Exploration Committee Records: Part IV:
Applications to join the VEE received by the EC.
Applications to join the VEE (Mr Boardman-Mr Curtain)


Mary Street, Richmond
2nd July 1860

R. O'Hara Burke Esq.

I beg to tender you my services as laborer in the Victorian Exploring Expedition, which is now being formed under your leadership. I am a Prussian by birth and 25 years of age. I arrived in this Colony in 1852 and was for the first 2 years engaged as carrier and digger. From 1854 up to the present time I have had engagements as stockkeeper at Glenormeston in the Warrnambool district, Mr Neil Black's station, and at Barwidgee near Beechworth, Mr R. Box's station, and have had much experience in travelling with stock. With the handling of horses and the management of cattle I deem myself thoroughly acquainted and can do any work which can be required from a bushman.

Being unaware that the party would be formed so soon, I am sorry that I cannot produce testimonials from my employers just now, but I have written to some of them and to other squatters, who know me, who will no doubt furnish in a few days certificates which will enable you to judge as to my qualifications to the employment which I now apply for.

Professor Neumayer and Mr Kauerau have permitted me to refer you to them as to my general character and habits. I enclose letters from both gentlemen.

I am, Sir, your obedient servant,
William Brahe

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