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Hassan Khan (Esa/Esau/Issah/Hissan Khan) was Muslim and a Balochi from Kelat in Balochistan. (Now Qalat in the Kalat District, Balochistan, Pakistan).


Hassan arrived in Australia in June 1860. He traveled here with George Landells and the imported camels. He was appointed to the VEE and traveled as far as far as Swan Hill where he was discharged after becoming ill.

He returned to Melbourne on George Price's wagon (Price had been hired to transport the stores from Melbourne to Tarcoola). The Exploration Committee paid his ₤2 fare (15th Fbruary 1861).

Once in Melbourne Hassan cared for the camels that had been left behind at Royal Park. The Exploration Committee paid his salary to 5 February 1862 and then he was employed by the Victorian Acclimatisation Society to continue to care for the camels. At a meeting of the Committee held on the 12 August 1862, it was agreed to pay Esau two shillings a day, the same rate awarded to Belooch and Dost Mahomet. They also agreed to lodge £30 with his employer, the Aclimatisation Society, for his passage back to Karachi on the P&O steamship, whenever he desired to return.

Hassan went to work at Samuel Wilson's property Longerenong to care for the camels which have been moved there.

In 1865 Hassan Khan and Baluch Khan joined Duncan McIntyre's Leichhardt Search Expedition.

Where Hassan Khan went on the expedition

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