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Bedourie, Outback Queensland.
August 2005.

The Second Burke & Wills Conference
was held in the remote outback Queensland town of Bedourie
Over 30 delegates attended to listen to the speeches and presentations.

Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th August 2005.
Expedition in search of the Plant Camp, covering part of Burke and Wills route through the local area.

Monday 29th August 2005.
Cr Robbie Dare Welcome from the Mayor of Diamantina Shire.
Richard Cork & Robin Hill
Weekend Expedition roundup.
Anne Bickford
Getting sites registered as National Heritage.
John Don
More B&W myths exploded.
David Hillan
Leichhardt and his blazed trees; Further work.
Harold Rennick
Locating Leichhardt's campsite near Chinchilla.
Dave Phoenix
Explorer-Aborigine interactions.
Robin Hill
Blazes; True or false?

Tuesday 30th August 2005.
First AGM of the Burke & Wills Historical Society.
Anne Bickford
French exploration and settlement in Tasmania; The cultural landscape
Colline Muir
Portulac and other bush foods.
David Corke
Cameras on the Cooper.
Dave Phoenix
B&W Centenary celebrations 1960.
Harold Rennick
Chinchilla Shire Leichhardt 160th anniversary celebrations.
  BWHS discussion and planning.

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