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McKinlay's Journal of Exploration into the interior of Australia (Burke Relief Expedition)
Melbourne: F F Bailliere.
(Ferguson 12057).

To the Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Crown Lands
Depot Camp, Cudye-cudyena, or Buchanan Lake,
October 26, 1861.

The following is a brief resume of the proceedings of the Burke Relief Expedition since the date of my departure from Adelaide. Started from Adelaide with the camels, etc, on 16th August, 1861, and overtook the remnant of the party, horses, cart, etc. etc., nothing of any particular note occurring on the journey to Blanchewater (Mr Baker's station) more than ordinary on such journeys, save the worthlessness of the cart and consequent detention thereon.

A few days before arriving at said station, I was informed that the natives had brought in a report of some white men and camels being seen at some inland water by them, or rather others of Pando or Lake Hope tribe, but did not give the report much credit knowing how easy a person may be misled from the statement he hears from natives, and the probability of putting a wrong construction upon what he hears, more particularly from a tribe of people who really do not understand what you say to them, having hardly any English, but intend making every inquiry and, if at all satisfactory on the point, will make a push for their relief.

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