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Torowoto to Cooper, Field Notes No. 3, 10-15 November 1860.

State Library of Victoria, MS13071.
Subseries 8 : Botanical, Meteorological & Astronomical observations of the Victorian Exploration Expedition.
William John Wills Field Books
Torowoto to Cooper Creek Field notes No. 3, 10-15 November 1860, ex2008-015, Box 2082/6g.

Torowoto to Cooper's Creek
Field Notes No. 3
10th to 15th Nov 1860

…+ stony tolerably graßed some parts densely covered with quartz rocks and sandstone pebbles so firmly [?] as to be much like a newly metalled road or old fashioned paved foot path.

We found the graß so parched up that I was at first inclined to think it old graß of last years growth.

[Tuesday 13 November 1860]
Made an excursion with Mr Burke towards NW travelled to a point about ten miles NW in that direction found the first six or eight miles composed of sand ridges from ENE to WSW. these [unfinished]


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