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Alfred Howitt
Victorian Contingent Party - 1861
Victorian Exploring Party - 1862

Alfred Howitt The Victorian Contingent Party 1861 The Victorian Exploring Party 1862 Howitt's Camels 1861 Howitt's Camels 1862 Howitt's Journal Howitt's Despatches

Commander Norman
H.M.css Victoria

Commander Norman H.M.c.s.s. Victoria Norman's Report Norman's Memorandum

Frederick Walker
Victorian Relief Expedition

Frederick Walker The Victorian Relief Expedition Walker's Journal

James Orkney, MLA
S.S. Sir Charles Hotham

James Orkney S.S. Sir Charles Hotham


William Landsborough
Queensland Relief Expedition

William Landsborough The Queensland Relief Expedition Landsborough's Journal Landsborough's Camel

Captain Kirby
SS Firefly

S.S. Firefly Narrative of a Voyage

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